Can a house with solar panels lose power?



Can a Home with Solar Panels Still Lose Power?

As solar power becomes increasingly popular, more and more homeowners are beginning to adopt solar panels as a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to electricity. However, when it comes to using solar power to power your home, an important question needs to be asked: can a home with solar panels still lose power? This article will explore the impact of solar panels on home power, the ability to reduce the risk of blackouts, and the benefits of on-site storage.

The Impact of Solar Panels on Home Power

At first, the idea that attaching solar panels to your roof could somehow disconnect your home from the grid might seem appealing. However, solar powered homes are only able to reduce their electricity consumption and reliance on the grid, not completely disconnect from it. Therefore, even homes powered by solar panels are vulnerable to power outages that could affect the entire community.

The best way to capitalize on the energy saving benefits of solar panels is to install a solar PV system that is connected to the grid. This kind of system works by sending energy generated by the panels directly to an energy meter, or to the public electricity grid, that can store this energy for use at a later date. By sending generated energy to the grid, homes with solar panels can effectively reduce bills, lower their reliance on expensive fuel sources, and create valuable clean energy.

Can You Reduce the Risk of Power Outage?

The answer is yes, solar powered homes that are connected to the grid can reduce the risk of having their power go out. The most effective and reliable way to do this is by storing solar power on-site. This can be done through the use of an on-site storage system, sometimes referred to as a battery bank.

By linking a battery bank to your solar PV system, you can store generated electricity for use during power outages. This allows homes with solar panels to remain energized in the case of a blackout or natural disaster, and reduces their dependence on standby generators and diesel fuels.

Benefits of On-Site Storage

By now it’s clear that on-site storage is the best way to reduce the risk of a blackout for homes with solar panels. But is that the only benefit of connecting batteries to your solar PV system? Actually, no. On-site storage offers other valuable energy usage benefits as well.

For instance, homes with on-site storage are able to utilize their solar power even when the grid is not operational. This means that these homes have access to a reliable source of power when the rest of their community is in the dark. Furthermore, with on-site storage connected to the grid, homeowners are able to reduce their electricity bill by using stored solar power to supplement the energy they purchase.

For homes that are prone to experiencing power outages, on-site storage solutions also present a great opportunity to decrease their reliance on costly fuel sources. On-site storage systems can be used to generate clean energy without the need for standby generators, resulting in lower fuel costs and a reduced carbon footprint.


Solar power is undoubtedly an appealing and renewable energy source, however, homes with solar panels are not immune to power outages that affect their entire community. As such, it is important to understand that installing solar panels does not guarantee reliable access to power. To minimize the risk of a power outage, homes should consider installing on-site storage for their solar PV system.

On-site storage solutions are not only capable of reducing the risk of blackout, but also offer several other energy-related benefits. By connecting a battery bank to their solar PV system, homeowners can gain access to consistent energy usage and the ability to offset their electric bills. Utilizing their stored solar power also reduces reliance on expensive fuel sources, making this option especially attractive for those living in areas prone to power outages.

To answer the initial question: can a home with solar panels lose power? The answer is yes, however, by connecting a battery bank to your solar PV system and storing your generated solar power on-site, you can reduce this risk and benefit from reliable energy usage and financial savings.

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