Portable household generator with semi-solid batteries



Zendure recently introduced the SuperBase V, a solar-powered generator that can charge two electric cars at once and power your home for a week or more.

Zendure reports that SuperBase V is the world’s first home energy storage system with semi-solid batteries.

The company offers the system in two versions, V6400 and V4600, with a storage capacity of 64 kWh and 46 kWh, respectively.

Semi-solid lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) can be charged in an hour with satellite expansion batteries combined with solar input and AC power. Semi-solid batteries are safer with no downtime and higher energy density than lithium-ion phosphate batteries, the company says. A total of up to four satellite batteries can be connected.

Satellite batteryPhoto: Zendure

The SuperBase V has an AC output power of 3,800W nominal power and 5,000W peak power, and the company reports that two SuperBase Vs with the same type of battery can be connected to each other using a ZenY cable or Home Panel. to 7,600 W of total output power.

The SuperBase V becomes solar powered by connecting the output of the solar panel via the XT 90 port or the AC input. It can be charged with portable solar panels up to 3000 W. Zendure offers its own solar panels, but the SuperBase V is compatible with several other manufacturers’ solar panels from 12V to 150V, and the company says it can be easily integrated into an existing solar system.

Zendure reports that the US SuperBase V model can switch to battery power with 0ms downtime to the AC output port.

The home panel connects the SuperBase V to the home’s electrical circuits to supply power to the entire house. The Zendure application provides tools for monitoring, managing and adjusting energy use. The home panel, which is installed by a licensed electrician, is a transfer switch and is a fast charging dock for the SuperBase V and has two electric car charging ports. And with a power distribution of up to 12,000 W, the Home Panel can charge two vehicles simultaneously and provide alternating current for up to 10 circuits around the house.

Portable level 2 electric vehicle charging also supports public power plant supply, and the SuperBase V combined with the battery pack adds more than 40 miles to allow drivers to move between pit stops. EV Charging Plus is a 14-50 Type 1 (J1772) connector with 5-15 connector and 6-20 connector adapter cables; CEE 32 plug for type 2 (Mennekes) with EU plug, UK plug and AU plug adapter cables.

The device has multiple connections and 14 ports, including AC, USB-A and USB-C, as well as a 12V car socket. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems to monitor your home’s power consumption. The Zendure application also provides users with tools for monitoring, managing and adjusting energy usage. It has safety features such as overcharge protection and short circuit protection.

According to Zendure’s website, pricing starts at $3,299.

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