OCI Solar Power Upgrades Alamo 2 Solar Farm



OCI solar powerutility solar developer, recently served as EPC on the upgrade of its Alamo 2 solar farm.

The 4.4MW AC project is located on 45 acres of land and began operations in March 2014. OCI Solar Power began operations after eight years of maintaining the solar power plant, a constant rate of mechanical failures, and the use of new and evolving monitoring technology. another upgrade where it also carried out EPC work.

“We found ourselves repairing trackers and repairing them again days later due to mechanical issues. It was very similar to what our Alamo 1 solar farm south of San Antonio experienced a few years ago,” says Jason Thompson, construction manager for OCI Solar Power. “Both solar farms now have Array Technologies Inc. state-of-the-art trackers and production is ramping up.”

OCI Solar Power completed a major overhaul of its 39.2 MW AC Alamo 1 solar facility in 2019 and completed a half-year upgrade at Alamo 2 in the fourth quarter of 2022. Similar to the previous Alamo 1 upgrade project, the Alamo 2 upgrade was also done in parts. . This allowed the solar plant to remain partially energized so that it could continue to supply electricity to public utility CPS Energy.

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