Italy commissioned 1,121 MW / 2,032 MWh of distributed storage capacity in 2022



Italy reached 959 MW/1,826 MWh of distributed storage capacity at the end of 2022. The segment continues to grow in the country, led by the regions of Lombardy and Veneto.

By the end of December 2022, Italy had installed 227,477 distributed storage systems linked to renewable energy projects, according to new figures from the national renewable energy association ANIE Rinnovabil.

The combined capacity of the storage systems is 1,530 MW and the maximum storage capacity is 2,752 MWh. This corresponds to 720 MW/1,361 MWh of distributed storage capacity at the end of June and only 189.5 MW/295.6 MWh at the end of 2020.

New capacity for 2022 was 1,121 MW/2,032 MWh, which is the strongest year of storage deployment in the country ever.

According to the new figures, the majority of devices – 225,404 – are based on lithium-ion technology. Most of the storage systems have been commissioned in the Lombardy region, with a combined capacity of 212 MW/379 MWh.

The regional administration is implementing a multi-year discount system for residential and commercial storage systems combined with solar energy.

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