Cross Country Infrastructure Services introduces new construction equipment



Cross-country infrastructure servicesa company that provides equipment rental and supplies for renewable energy construction projects, has debuted the ALLU Blue Transformer Series Padding Bucket.

Together with the SCAIP Pile-Driver and Padding Machine, this equipment aims to increase productivity and reduce costs in solar and wind farm construction projects.

Cross Country ALLU Blue Transformer Series (TS) loader buckets handle materials on site and are available in ½” or 12mm sizes.

These devices complement the company’s SCAIP filling machines, which process materials according to project requirements, further reducing the need for manual labor, increasing productivity and reducing project costs, the company says.

Cross Country’s fully automated SCAIP SDR-108 pile drivers are designed to drive beams over 20 feet into the ground efficiently and accurately. The machine also has a 100-gallon fuel tank and a GPS system that allows for precise positioning without forward surveying, strings, bullet tanks, or lasers.

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