The EU wants the European solar electricity sector to produce 40 percent of the necessary components by 2030



The European Union is preparing a draft proposal which pv magazine has seen that 85% of the components used in European wind farms – 60% of heat pumps, 85% of batteries and 85% of electrolysers – would have to be manufactured on the continent.

“The path towards net zero energy means great opportunities to expand the Union’s net zero industry, which includes in particular solar energy, onshore and offshore wind, heat pumps, electrolyzers, batteries and their supply chains,” the document states. pv magazine has seen.

On solar technologies, the EU said it would continue to depend on Chinese imports exceeding 90 percent of products in certain earlier parts of the value chain, including ingots and wafers.

The draft document proposes that by 2030, the European Union’s solar module production capacity will be sufficient to cover at least 40% of the annual expected demand under the REPowerEU and Green Deal initiatives, which include a planned installation of 600 GW. solar capacity.

It also requires that 85 percent of the EU’s wind power components be manufactured in Europe. The percentage of heat pumps is 60%, batteries 85% and electrolysis devices 50%.

The European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) believes that at least 75% of Europe’s solar energy demand should be covered by local production, which means 35 GW of production in Europe by 2025, 60 GW by 2026 and 100 GW by 2030.

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