FuturaSun announces a new 2 GW solar module factory in Italy



Italian solar panel manufacturer FuturaSun has purchased land for its new 2 GW solar module factory in an industrial area near Padua, Italy.

The company said the new facility will produce high-efficiency solar panels, but gave no further technical details. It currently manufactures n types interdigitated back-contacted (IBC) modules as well as PERC panels and heterojunction products (HJT).

“The project fits the company’s strategic industrial plan and continues to fulfill the European mission of rebuilding the European supply chain, with FuturaSun as one of the main players,” said FuturaSun CEO Alessandro Barin.

The company is based in Cittadella, in the Italian province of Padua, and has two solar module factories in China with a total capacity of 1 GW. Its Italian staff focuses on research and development in areas such as interdigitated back-contact (IBC) cells, cylindrical strips, glass-to-glass solutions and modules with separate parts.

When completed, the new factory will be Italy’s second gigawatt photovoltaic module production facility. Italian energy company Enel is currently building a 3 GW plant in Sicily, southern Italy. This facility is scheduled to begin commercial operations this year. The company bets on n-type HTJ cells with an efficiency of 25.5%. It said this could lead to module efficiencies of over 24%

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