A French developer evaluates the impact of solar panels on an outdoor poultry farm



Technique Solaire plans to analyze the behavior of animals in outdoor poultry farms covered with solar panels connected by nets. The layout can be beneficial for the birds and the quality of their meat.

French solar developer Technique Solaire has signed a partnership agreement with Nouzilly’s National Agricultural Research INRAE ​​(Poultry Experimental Unit) and Magneraud (Alternative Poultry Systems Experimental Unit) to determine the impact of solar panels on poultry outdoor areas.

Since 2017, the company has been developing photovoltaic birds with game and poultry farmers. These consist of a series of sunshades connected to each other by nets.

In addition to low installation costs, the advantage of aviaries is that outdoor chickens are integrated into the poultry management of species such as broilers and ducks. Technique Solaire said the use of outdoor birds is not common, as many birds never leave nesting buildings. It said several studies have shown that birds prefer shaded outdoor runs with trees, fences or panels.

With INRAE, Technique Solaire aims to analyze and characterize the evolution of animal behavior in the presence of these pathways. According to the developer, the first observations made under the aviary in Lot-et-Garonne are encouraging, as the breeding building will be built more often, longer and farther.

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