Israel allows bilateral power purchase agreements



Israel’s new power purchase agreement (PPA) rules are expected to accelerate development, especially in the solar sector.

“The new rules only apply to power plants connected to the high-voltage grid, which in Israel has a capacity of 620 kW to 16 MW,” said Eitan Parnass, director of the Israel Green Energy Association. pv magazine. “These deals are made in a free market environment without government intervention.”

Only solar developers can take advantage of the new regulatory framework, as wind projects are still limited by current regulations. Unlike solar panels, wind projects still benefit from the feed-in tariff (FIT) system.

The Israeli developer of renewable energy sources, Doral Group, meanwhile, has received its first PPA contract from real estate company Melisron. The agreement will enter into force in January 2024.

“The amount of electricity Melisron will consume as part of the deal is equivalent to approximately 10% of all green electricity produced by Doral’s solar plants expected to be connected to Israel’s grid over the next two years, which is approximately 1 GW. energy storage capacity of about 1.8 GWh,” the developer said without giving details.

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