Hydrogen stream: Japan is funding Australia’s plan to produce H2 from coal



Japan’s government innovation fund has agreed to finance a coal-to-hydrogen project in Australia, while Honda says it has taken another step towards commercializing zero-emission backup power generation.

Urban and with Aercom agreed develops green hydrogen, green ammonia and sustainable fuel projects. The companies said they are focusing on green methanol projects in Spain.

The the European Commission said this week that the European Union needs to step up hydrogen investment in response to the US anti-inflation bill. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that Brussels continues negotiations with the US government on the interpretation of the legislation.

Enersense and Q Power have agreed on the supply of steel structures for the reactor modules of the methanation plant. The contract focuses on the synthetic methane production plant, which Q Power supplies to P2X Solutions in Harjavalla. The plant will be built in connection with the green hydrogen production plant. “Part of the sustainably produced hydrogen in Harjavalla is processed into synthetic methane in the methanation plant supplied by Q Power.” said Enersense. “The device will be delivered and commissioned in 2024 at the same time as the green hydrogen production plant.”

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