Seraphim introduces 580 W TOPCo solar panels with 22.45% efficiency



Seraphim offers four versions of its new SIV N-TOPCon modules with powers between 565 W and 580 W. The power conversion efficiency varies between 21.87% and 22.45%. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the panels can be used for distributed generation solar power. projects and power plants installed on the ground.

“The TOPCon range is now in full production and is expected to reach 4 GW of continuous component capacity by the end of 2023, providing sufficient volume to supply the market,” the company said in a statement, noting that the new product can be used for either distributed generation solar projects and/ or to ground-mounted power plants.

New SIV N-TOPCon series there are four versions with powers between 565 W and 580 W. The power conversion efficiency varies between 21.87% and 22.45%.

Breakdown voltage ranges from 51.50 V to 52.10 V and short circuit current from 13.89 A to 14.07 A. Each module measures 2278 mm x 1134 mm x 30 mm and weighs 32.0 kg.

The panels have a junction box with IP 68 classification and a frame made of anodized aluminum alloy. Both sides of the modules are covered with non-reflective, semi-transparent 2 mm glass. Their operating temperature is between -40 C and 85 C and the temperature coefficient is -0.30% per degree Celsius.

The panels can be used in photovoltaic systems with a maximum voltage of 1500 V. The company offers a 30-year power guarantee for 87.4% of the initial output and a 15-year product guarantee. It claims a bifaciality factor of up to 80%, with power gains ranging from 10% to 30%.

“With the expansion of N-type TOPCon module capacity deployment, Seraphim will continue to develop and sell high conversion efficiency and high quality PV modules to meet demand,” said Seraphim President Polaris Li.

Seraphim’s current module production capacity is approximately 5 GW. It is headquartered in China but has significant cell and module capacity in South Africa. It is also planning to set up a solar module factory in Vietnam.

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