AVANGRID uses Array Technologies DuraTrack in the 321 MW installation



AVANGRID Inc. has selected Array Technologies’ DuraTrack solar trackers to build its 321 MW True North solar farm in Falls County, Texas, one of the company’s largest solar projects under development in the United States.

Array Technologies is a long-standing supplier to AVANGRID and the Iberdrola Group, and this acquisition is another step in a partnership that is expected to continue to grow. This agreement was vital to the final investment decision for the construction of the True North project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

“Durable and low-maintenance trackers help bring clean, renewable energy to the Texas grid and ensure local communities have reliable electricity for years to come,” said Kevin Hostettler, CEO of Array Technologies.

AVANGRID has increased its clean energy presence in Texas, where it already generates more than 1,250 MW through six wind farms and has 1,300 wind farms by purchasing solar tracking equipment from Array Technologies and developing projects such as the True North solar farm. MW projects.

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