The Hydrogen Stream: Israeli startup in the production of hydrogen powder in the Netherlands



Electriq and Zenith Energy Terminals are collaborating on the production of hydrogen powder in Amsterdam, while Universal Hydrogen has completed the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-based passenger flight.

Universal hydrogen has flown a 40-passenger regional aircraft that uses hydrogen fuel cell power on its first flight. The plane took off at the airport in the US state of Washington and flew for 15 minutes. “The FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate flight was the first in a two-year flight test campaign expected to culminate in 2025 with passenger service on ATR 72 aircraft converted to run on hydrogen,” said an American specialist in hydrogen-powered aviation.

BP has launched a green hydrogen cluster in Castell√≥n, Spain. “This BP-led public-private partnership is to be based on the phased development of up to 2 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030 to produce green hydrogen at BP’s refinery.” said UK oil and gas giant. BP plans to invest up to 2 billion euros ($2.12 billion) in the Castelloni plant by 2030.

Toyoda Gosei has announced new high-pressure hydrogen tanks. “These newly developed large tanks can be filled with about eight times as much hydrogen as passenger fuel cell vehicle tanks that Toyoda Gosei manufactures for the Toyota Mirai (second-generation model), which are mounted on the rear of the vehicle.” said a Japanese company.

Enapter has started producing a water-cooled variant of its AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 solution, which enables direct connection of external cooling systems to optimize thermal management and efficiently utilize waste heat. “Heat is released through the secondary circuit and can be combined with a heat pump. A common cooling circuit with other components, such as water-cooled fuel cells, is also possible. said German manufacturer of hydrogen generators. The AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 LC is available in AC and DC versions.

European Investment Bank (EIB) has revealed plans to strengthen support for green hydrogen investments in Kenya. The EIB plans to initially introduce 1.8 million euros in grants to support initiatives in the country.

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