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Price of Solar Battery in India, 2022


Starting a solar energy system project requires a lot of planning and investment in monetary and non-monetary resources. When it comes to the cost of a solar energy system, the solar panel and battery form two essential components. Solar panel prices in India are based on wattage, efficiency, and construction. However, when it comes to solar batteries, as well as installation costs, there are a few key factors that could affect the prices of a solar panel battery system in India.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Solar Panel Batteries in India

Battery Capacity/Size

The size of the solar battery you plan to purchase depends on the amount of power you will be using from the solar array. Generally, commercially available batteries are of the sizes 100 Ah, 120 Ah, 150 Ah, and 200 Ah. The bigger the battery size, the larger the energy capacity and the corresponding cost of the system will be.


Like any consumer electronic product, batteries also come with a warranty. Customers should look out for battery warranty offers as a part of their final decision making. Some manufacturers offer solar panel batteries with up to 5 years of warranty, while others may only offer 1 or 2 years of coverage. 


Brand plays an important role in deciding the price and quality of a solar panel battery. Branded batteries, such as Luminous, Exide, Amaron and Su-Kam, come with better features and services, as well as extended warranties. However, there are still options such as generic batteries to consider, as these can save you money and add better longevity to your solar battery system.

Prices of Common Solar Panel Batteries in India for 2022

The following table lists the average market prices of common solar panel batteries available in India for 2022.

Solar Battery Model Average Selling Price
100 Ah Tubular Solar Battery, 5 years warranty ₹13,500
120 Ah Tubular Solar Battery, 5 years warranty ₹15,000
150 Ah Tubular Solar Battery, 5 years warranty ₹18,500
200 Ah Tubular Solar Battery, 3 years warranty ₹20,500

Other Factors that Impact Solar Panel Battery Prices

Solar Panel System Configuration

The size and configuration of the solar panel system will have a significant effect on the overall cost of the battery. Different configurations such as grid-connected, off-grid and on-grid will have an influence on the system’s power needs, and thus the battery size and cost.

System Efficiency

Efficiency is an important factor in determining the cost of the solar battery system in India. The higher the efficiency of a solar panel system, the less electricity will be used and the lower its cost. Solar panel efficiencies range from 15%-24%.

Installation Costs

Installation costs are another key factor in deciding the cost of the solar battery system. Depending on the solar panel system you choose, you will need to factor in installation costs such as labour costs, connecting cables, mounting structure and solar inverter for providing power to the grid.

Advantages of Installing a Solar Panel Battery System

Installing a solar panel battery system offers many advantages to the user. For example, solar energy is a reliable and renewable energy source 24/7, even in cases of power outages. Solar battery systems are also maintenance free and are known to have a long life span of up to 15 to 20 years. Additionally, they help reduce your energy expenses substantially by eliminating your dependence on the grid.


Solar panel batteries can help generate electricity cost-effectively and offer a range of advantages. Before purchasing a solar panel battery, it is important to consider your specific energy needs, brand and warranty of the battery, as well as installation costs to calculate the total cost of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is solar panel battery?

A: The cost of a solar panel battery depends on its capacity, brand, warranty, system configuration and installation costs. Generally, the average market price of common solar panel batteries in India for 2022 starts from ₹13,500 for 100 Ah tubular solar battery with 5 years warranty.

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