Algerian Sonelgaz launches 2 GW solar tender



Algeria’s state-owned power utility Sonelgaz is seeking proposals for the construction of 15 solar power plants at 11 locations. The projects range in size from 80 MW to 220 MW.

Two projects with a capacity of 80 MW and 120 MW are being built in the B├ęchar region of Algeria. A 220 MW project and an 80 MW power plant are planned for the M’Sila and BB Arreidji areas, while another 80 MW plant has been proposed for the Batna area.

Laghouat and Ghardaia host 200 MW and 80 MW projects, respectively. There will be 200 and 80 MW plants in the El Oued area.

There are 130 MW and 220 MW solar energy projects in the Touggort and M’Ghaier areas. Three projects with an output of 200 MW, 80 MW and 150 MW will also be built in the Biskra area.

In December, Algeria’s Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy launched a tender for the deployment of 1 GW of solar capacity.

In 2019, the Algerian government organized tenders for off-grid solar panel systems, hybrid solar diesel projects and other solar installations. The procurement rounds were part of the country’s plans to deploy 15 GW of solar power capacity by 2030. Algeria had installed about 423 MW of solar power by the end of 2021, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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