SAJ presents a new household battery inverter series



China’s Guangzhou Sanjing Electric (SAJ) has developed a new series of battery inverters in single and three-phase configurations.

“It is specially tailored to the needs of European consumers,” said the Chinese battery maker. “The aesthetic, compact design of the HS2 series includes an inverter, control system and battery modules and is capable of delivering a power range from 3 kW to 10 kW in single-phase and three-phase models with a maximum PV input current of 16 A.”

SAJ sells five versions of three-phase devices, whose AC powers vary from 5 kWh to 10 kWh. The maximum efficiency of inverters is 98% and the European efficiency is 97.6%. Their dimensions are 450 mm x 626 mm x 365 mm and weight 32 kg. The maximum input voltage is 1000 V and the MPP voltage range is between 180 V and 900 V.

SAJ offers seven versions of single-phase battery inverters with an AC power of 3–6 kW. The maximum efficiency is 97.6% and the European efficiency is 97%. They measure 354 mm x 626 mm x 365 mm and weight 25 kg. The The maximum input voltage is 550 V and the MPP voltage range is 90 V to 500 V.

Systems feature IP65 rated protection and cooling system based on natural convection. SAJ offers a five- and a 20-year warranty, depending on the customer’s needs.

“Installation time is effectively saved with modular and pre-wired designs, and it can be deployed as a new energy storage installation or retrofitted into an existing network,” SAJ said. “The eSAJ Home and Service application also enables home owners to effectively monitor and use the system in maintenance without effort.”

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