India offers 1 GW of pumped storage and 200 MW of solar energy



Karnataka Ltd. has started accepting bids to develop up to 1 GW of pumped storage, while Assam Power Distribution has revealed plans to acquire 200 MW of solar power capacity.

Assam Power Distribution aims to source power up to 200 MW (AC) from grid connected solar projects being developed anywhere in the Indian state of Assam. The projects will be self-established and awarded through tariff-based tenders with a maximum price of INR 4 ($0.048)/kWh.

Each solar project has a capacity of at least 10 MW. Offers can be made for capacities of at least 10 MW to 200 MW in multiples of 5 MW.

APDCL will sign the 25-year Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with the winning bidders. The projects must be commissioned within 18 months of signing the electricity purchase agreements.

Meanwhile, Karnataka Ltd. has also started accepting bids to develop up to 1 GW of pumped storage capacity across the Indian state of Karnataka. The plant will be connected to the state’s internal transmission network on a build-your-own-use principle. The minimum tender capacity is 100 MW, and the tender ends on March 12.

Karnataka is one of the top five clean energy states in India with an estimated renewable energy potential of 155 GW.

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