ENGIE chooses Ecopia for robotic cleaning of the Chilean solar power plant



Ecopiaa company focused on robotic cleaning solutions for solar installations, is providing support for ENGIE’s 181.25 MW AC Coya solar plant in Chile’s Antofagasta region, the energy company’s largest project in northern Chile.

Coya’s solar power plant is located in one of the world’s driest regions. Ecopia’s waterless robotic cleaning solutions are ideally suited to the area’s challenges, as they enable efficient, repeated and independent cleaning in areas with little water and a lot of dirt, the company says. Ecopia’s cloud-based platform enables continuous monitoring and remote control of robots, as well as an advanced preventive maintenance program.

“South America is a rapidly growing renewable energy region, and Ecoppia is excited to play such an important role in ensuring high energy production from solar power plants despite local challenges,” says Ecoppia CEO Jean Scemama. “We are delighted to once again partner with ENGIE, as ENGIE is a forward-thinking company that understands the necessity of automation in large-scale site management, knowing that our solutions help IPPs achieve lower LCOE.”

Ecoppia has more than 16 GW of robotic cleaning contracts worldwide.

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