Axitec expands solar panel capacity to 2 GW



Module manufacturer Axitec is increasing its production capacity in China, India and Vietnam to meet the growing demand for solar modules in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

German solar module manufacturer Axitec has revealed plans to increase its annual production capacity from around 1.2 GW to 2 GW by the end of this year.

It said it aims to meet growing demand for solar modules in Europe, particularly Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is expanding its capacity at its production facilities in China, India and Vietnam, where it is converting its production lines to n-type TOPCon technology.

It sells TOPCon panels under the Axiperfect brand. The outputs of its n-type TOPCon solar modules vary between 410 W and 425 W. According to the manufacturer, they are designed for home use. The efficiency of the modules is 21.0% – 21.76%.

The company said it plans to further increase production over the next few years. In 2026, it wants the production capacity of PV modules to reach 4 GW.

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