AUO, SAS join forces to strengthen Taiwan’s PV industry



Taiwanese manufacturers Sino-American Silicon (SAS) and AUO Corp. have announced a long-term M10 solar cell supply agreement.

“SAS has completed its expansion in 2022 with the establishment of a brand new M10 production line, which is also compatible with the G12,” the two manufacturers said in a joint statement. “Average efficiency rises to 23.5%, the highest performance in the Taiwanese market – and SAS will continue to push the efficiency frontier in the future.”

They said their new deal is the result of a long partnership.

“SAS and AUO are collaborating to create world-class high-efficiency M10 cells and solar modules for Taiwan’s solar industry,” they said. “In the future, a new generation of N-type technology will be introduced – TOPcon.”

AUO is currently manufacturing ingots, wafers and solar modules at the Houli Science Park Taichung, Taiwan. Its solar power business also offers turnkey solar power systems.

SAS has been manufacturing wafers, solar cells and modules at the Chunan factory in Taiwan since 2005.

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