Hydrogen flow: The global hydrogen pipeline will fall in the last quarter of 2022



Wood Mackenzie says in a recent report that new hydrogen capacity announcements fell year-on-year in 2022, while researchers argue that green hydrogen heating systems are unlikely to replace gas boilers in European homes.

ETH Zurich Researchers have found that large-scale hydrogen-based heating is not an economically viable option in the European Union. “Green hydrogen proved to be uneconomic due to the large amount of renewable energy infrastructure required,” the team said.Planetary limits assessment of options for reducing deep carbon dioxide emissions from building heating in the European Union”, which was published recently Energy conversion and management. “The cost factor for hydrogen was usually the high user costs of local hydrogen storage.” They said that the building heating sector can be made sustainable by expanding renewable electricity combined with heat pumps.

IHI has signed an agreement with ACME to explore the possibility of producing and using green ammonia from renewable energy. The Japanese IHI announced that it is considering green ammonia production projects in Oman, India, the United States and Egypt, as well as the use of ammonia in carbon dioxide-free electricity production in Asia and other parts of the world.

TES and Energie 360° own announced the plan uses existing global energy infrastructure to supply customers with renewable synthetic methane (eNG), which is produced by combining green hydrogen and carbon dioxide. “TES wants to supply Energie 360° with electricity produced in areas with high renewable energy,” the companies said. In return, Energie 360° wants to supply renewable carbon dioxide from, for example, its own energy plants.

A wreck has revealed plans to integrate Toyota’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell modules into heavy-duty trucks for their zero-emission fleet offering. The French startup said it plans to offer all the main components of the ecocluster: the fuel cell forklift, green hydrogen delivery, and the leasing and maintenance system.

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