The former brownfield site now hosts a 17 MW solar project



CEP RenewablesCS Energy and NJR Clean Energy Ventures (CEV) have transformed a former contaminated abandoned field into a 17 MW solar project in Holland, NJ.

The fixed-tilt solar panel was built in two stages on a plot of land where a paper factory used to be located. The successful restoration and rehabilitation of this area has transformed this underutilized space into a source of clean energy and increased tax revenue for the local municipality.

“We are pleased to leverage our extensive experience in redeveloping Superfund and brownfield sites to turn this previously contaminated property into a source of solar energy, jobs and tax revenue,” said Chris Ichter, CEP Renewables vice president. “We were able to effectively overcome the unique challenges of this site by working closely with the property owner and EPC, CS Energy, at every stage of the project.”

CEV, one of the largest solar owner/operators in New Jersey, acquired the Holland project from CEP Renewables in 2021 and now owns 63 commercial solar projects in New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut with a portfolio of more than 430 MW. of installed capacity.

“NJR Clean Energy Ventures has a long history of working with CEP Renewables and CS Energy on complex solar projects to bring the benefits of clean energy to communities throughout New Jersey,” said Robert Pohlman, Vice President of NJR Clean Energy Ventures. “We are committed to building the future of clean energy with projects like Holland. By designing environmental conservation areas and other underutilized spaces to produce clean, renewable energy, CEV helps produce clean energy innovations that advance emissions reduction goals and a more sustainable future.

In the 1990s, the former paper mill was abandoned and dilapidated. The owner of the property, a former industrial site removal company, applied to CEP Renewables to redevelop this land. CEP’s team, with its expertise in the remediation of degraded brownfield sites, reviewed the entire environmental history and provided a critical review and recommendations before the responsible party completed the remediation. This helped significantly reduce the time required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to issue a remedial permit. Before CEP Renewables took control of the site, the area was rehabilitated, work was restricted and covered with technical control. The CEP team improved the existing technical controls to be compatible with the development of solar energy.

CEP Renewables and CS Energy also overcame several challenges, including permitting and building the second phase of the project on top of the first. In addition, the project had to be built around the historic farmhouse and power plant, which are located on part of the property.

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with CEP Renewables on another impressive green solar project,” said Michael Dillon, CS Energy’s Chief Operating Officer. “The completed renovation of this property now produces clean energy for the state and additional tax revenue for the municipality.”

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