Luminia acquires New Hampshire Solar Garden



Luminia has signed a letter of intent to acquire assets, development resources and projects New Hampshire Solar Gardenincluding 15 MW of community solar energy that the companies will close their operations together in 2022.

Luminia now manages and manages the developer’s community solar energy portfolio with a total capacity of more than 218 MW.

New Hampshire Solar Garden founder Andrew Kellar has joined Luminia, bringing with him extensive community solar expertise and a proven track record in Northeast solar development. The acquisition follows Luminia’s long-term partnership with the developer and is based on the company’s growing community solar energy portfolio.

“New Hampshire Solar Garden has been an incredible partner and influential leader in establishing successful community solar projects in the Northeast,” said David Field, President and Co-Founder of Luminia.As we continue to expand our community solar business, we are delighted to welcome Andrew to our team to lead our internal startup strategy – directly and in collaboration with development partners and strategic players in key markets.

New Hampshire Solar Garden actively serving Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. In addition to the New Hampshire Solar Garden’s northeast pipeline, Kellar is also bringing more than 140 MW of development projects to Puerto Rico.

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