Go Solar Power Links Up to Galool for Energy Management Technology



Go Solar Power LLC says he will cooperate Gallolwhich provides remote analytics and orchestration of energy assets, to jointly deliver end-to-end energy efficiency solutions including EV charging, microgrids and residential solutions.

Go Solar Power provides solar, battery storage and EV charging solutions to residential and commercial property owners in eight states. The company focuses on a holistic approach to customers, including energy monitoring, consumption analysis, efficiency opportunities, demand changes, roof age and more, so that customers can achieve energy independence and cost savings.

With Galool’s technology, Go Solar Power can now offer its customers cost-effective remote energy management, logistics and professional monitoring services, utilizing Galool’s software platform to maximize the efficiency and life cycle of existing and new sustainable energy infrastructure.

“Our mantra is ‘Reduce, Produce, Store and Control.'” Galol helps us achieve our goal of enabling customers to better manage energy use, improve efficiency and ultimately save the customer more money,” said Courtland Weisleder, President of Go Solar Power.

Galooli offers a full range of customer-centric solutions that enable customers to make data-driven decisions to increase productivity and efficiency and reduce operating costs of energy assets such as solar inverters and energy storage systems.

“Our single, intelligent, integrated platform helps Go Solar Power provide its customers with a turnkey energy solution that allows them to monitor the entire energy ecosystem,” commented David LeClaire, vice president of Galool.

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